Letter To The Editor: Vote Against the Berland Reign of Arrogance

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Charles Marino

Charles Marino

Dear Editor,

Since my loss in the Working Families Party primary in September, I have been quietly watching this campaign season from the sidelines. But events have unfolded that I can’t keep quiet about.  I won’t go into detail here but suffice it to say that Susan Berland has clearly lost the confidence of the people she was elected to represent.  She is defensive, offensive and has a bad habit of not telling the truth.  We deserve better!

Huntington residents are eager for and deserve a change.  The problem is that there are four candidates* in the race for Huntington Town Council and only two seats up.  To effect change, we must vote for the two strongest candidates.  They are Eugene Cook and Keith Barrett.  While I admire Mrs. Thompson, she simply isn’t a viable candidate with only one line on the ballot.  Both Mr. Barrett and Mr. Cook have multiple lines, including the Democratic and Republican lines that garner, by far, the largest number of votes.  This indisputable fact makes Cook and Barrett the strongest alternatives to Berland.

The math is simple.  If you are looking for change and want a better and brighter future for Huntington, you should vote Barrett/Cook.  Both men have the qualifications and drive.  Both have unique, interesting ideas.  Both will bring about change, together, on the Town Board.  Both men have a history of working across the aisle with anyone.  (Sorry, Mrs. Thompson.  I will happily support your next candidacy.)

On November 3rd, we need to vote for those who can win against the Berland reign of arrogance.  Please vote Cook/Barrett.


Charles Marino

*Editor’s note:  There are 5 candidates in the race.  Michael Helfer is being supported by the Conservative Party.



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