Violent Crimes in Huntington for First Seven Month of 2016

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Below please find a summary of Violent Crimes that have hit Huntington township in 2016.  Please note that out of 18 violent crimes 6 arrests have been made as far as we know.  There maybe more arrests but have not heard from the police about them.


    Violent Crimes in Huntington Town for the 1st 7 months 2016;
Date Street Shot Spotter Arrest Made * URL
7/23/2016 150 Lenox Road Yes Yes
7/22/2016 Varney Ave & Lynch St Yes NO
7/20/2016 Lafayette St N/A NO
7/6/2015 Craven Ave n/a NO
6/4/2016 371 NY Ave Stabbing NO
5/28/2016 247 Broadway Armed Robbery NO
5/25/2016 3rd Street Yes NO
5/25/2016 Clinton Ave N/A Yes
5/22/2016 West Hills Rd and &th Ave No NO
5/4/2016 16 W Jericho Turnpike No Yes
4/26/2016 10th Ave Yes NO
4/23/2015 LIRR Parking LOT Yes Yes
4/17/2016 e 12th st N/A Yes
3/26/2016 43 Green Street N/A NO
3/16/2016 328 Depot Rd N/A NO
3/12/2016 86 Broadway Greenlawn N/A NO
3/5/2016 1419 NY Ave Yes NO
1/11/2016 1290 NY Ave Yes Yes
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