Assemblyman says proposals will make college less accessible and affordable


Education Hearing

Assemblyman Lupinacci speaks at the Assembly Higher Education hearing today. 


Assemblyman Chad A. Lupinacci participated in a joint-hearing of the Higher Education Committee on Tuesday to discuss the proposed funding for SUNY and CUNY, as outlined in Governor Cuomo’s Executive Budget proposal. While funding and tuition for New York’s public universities will increase, there has been much debate surrounding the proposed plan to offer free college tuition to individuals meeting certain income requirements.

“The SUNY and CUNY systems are an essential asset to New York residents seeking an affordable education.  This program is of critical importance to myself as well as the entire legislature,” said Lupinacci. “Over recent years the price of education, whether private or public, has soared. For too long we have neglected our students and placed thousands of New Yorkers beneath an avalanche of student loan debt.

“The Excelsior Scholarship Program and the Governor’s higher education proposals are more than meets the eye. Though intended to expand educational opportunities to low-income and middle class families throughout the State, the proposal simply shifts costs to taxpayers and will eventually drive up tuition. Also according to Chancellor Nancy Zimpher, the Governor’s proposal has no estimate of taxpayer cost per-student, nor does the plan have a residency requirement. Unfortunately, today’s hearing with Chancellor Zimpher left more questions than answers and revealed just how flawed this proposal may be. It’s time for us to address the real issues that face our state’s higher education system, not shoot for partisan headlines.

“It’s important that private colleges and the SUNY and CUNY systems serve students from all income levels. I have proposed legislation that would expand the state’s Tuition Assistance Program to a greater number of families, while also offering scholarship opportunities equating to a full year of college tuition-free. During this upcoming session, I will remain committed to making higher education a reality for all New Yorkers, which begins through the use of innovative, effective and responsible methods to combat higher-education costs.”

**Click Here for an interview with the Assemblyman or Here for a video file of Assemblyman Lupinacci speaking at today’s Higher Education budget hearing in Albany. Both are MP4 video files.**

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