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Gov.’s plan would increase property taxes for New Yorkers



Assemblyman Chad A. Lupinacci spoke out today following a conference of the Assembly’s Budget Hearing on Taxes. During the hearing Nonie Manion, the Executive Deputy Commissioner of the Department of Taxation and Finance, provided testimony conceding that the intended freeze of the New York State School Tax Relief program will become a property tax increase on New Yorkers. The New York State School Tax Relief (STAR) Program provides direct property tax relief to homeowners through a state rebate check for a portion of their school taxes.

“If the Governor’s plan to cap the STAR program moves forward, it will undoubtedly have a devastating effect of raising property taxes for families on Long Island and across the State of New York,” said Lupinacci. “For decades taxes and the cost of living have increased, and the STAR program was designed to alleviate the financial burden of middle class families. Capping, or ‘freezing’ the program will only drive up their yearly property taxes and hurt those who need this help the most. With high taxes, job loss, and a contracting economy the state needs funds to generate revenue, but this effort will only increase taxes and shrink the middle class at an even greater rate.”

**Click here for Commissioner Manion’s comments on the STAR program.

This is an MP4 video file.**

The freeze is a part of the Governor’s budget proposal, which will be submitted to the Assembly for debate in the upcoming weeks.

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