A Statement from the desk of Assemblyman Chad A. Lupinacci (R,C,I,Ref.-South Huntington)

Assemblyman Lupinacci

Assemblyman Lupinacci

“As the Assembly moves forward with the proposed immigration reform bills today, I believe we must tread carefully to implement an effective framework that values and welcomes our immigrant population,” said Lupinacci. “Immigration policy has become increasingly unclear, and we must have a system that does not contradict federal law and add to the uncertainty of undocumented individuals. Blazing ahead with our own independent immigration policy could result in the loss of crucial federal funding that our communities rely on each year. Furthermore, without a coherent immigration policy we put ourselves in a position to potentially compromise our nation’s security and expose ourselves to the efforts of terrorist groups around the globe. While we may be living in a combative political climate, we have the opportunity to show this country that in the face of so much uncertainty there is a road to bipartisan reform that benefits us all.”

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