Community and Police Commissioner Comment on the 5 Busted Message Parlors

Suffolk County Police over the last FEW months arrested ELEVEN Flushing women for unauthorized practice of a profession and prostitution during a massage parlor raids in Huntington.

In response to community complaints, Suffolk County Police Second Precinct Crime Section officers, Suffolk County Police Second Squad detectives, Suffolk County Police Criminal Intelligence detectives, U.S. Homeland Security officers  and Town of Huntington Code Enforcement officers conducted an investigation into illegal activities at FIVE different locations in Huntington.

Some on social media posts asked questions like why US Homeland Security or the Town Code Enforcement officers.  The answers are many times these women are working against their will and Homeland Security can help them with that.  The Town Code Enforcement is used as well to send a message that the Town too does not want you doing illegal activities as a quality of life issue.



Here are the links to the stories:

A criminal charge is an accusation. A defendant is presumed innocent until and unless proven guilty.

TheHuntingtonian asked for responses from the community on these arrests:

“Often times these establishments attract the criminal element, and lead to a decline in quality of life in our communities. As Commissioner, I have made cracking down on illegal massage parlors a top priority.”  -Police Commissioner Timothy D. Sini
“The Suffolk County Police Department and the Town of Huntington are committed to working together, to crack down on these illegal activities that are not only leading to quality of life issues but are hurting the communities that they are established in. The Town of Huntington will continue to issue violations for these buildings that are not up to town code for the safety of our residents”, stated Councilman Eugene Cook.

Jim McGoldrick-Huntington Station Resident stated “It is wonderful for the community that these massage parlors were closed. The TOH is also working on the quality of life issues. This also will be a big help to our community. We still have some serious issues ( Drugs and Gangs) but if we continue to work together we will resolve all of the issues we are facing. I would like to thank Commissioner Sini and all our elected TOH elected officials. I would also like to thank Public Safety who has played a big part in cleaning up the Station and also General Services. We must all stay focused on correcting these issues for the sake of generations to come.”
Another Huntington Resident Robert Rockelein stated “These establishments offer zero community benefit, and are often involved in additional illegal activities such as money laundering, gangs, drugs, and other organized crime ventures.”

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