Man Caught After Running Because of Warrants

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Approximately around 2pm March 16, 2017 police were out on an arrest warrant for suspect Christopher Jautze. They received a tip that he was at 17 East Rogues path in Huntington Station.  Once the police arrived to make the arrest the suspect ran into the neighborhood. The police assisted by the police helicopter and K-9 units tracked and captured the suspect within an hour.

Photo Credit Emily Geller

He was captured with the help of the k-9 unit in the back yard of 15 Ellen Place near Washington Elementary School, about hour later.  The suspect Christopher Jautze,  is 32 years of age.

  • Jautze had 4 misdemeanor Petit Larceny warrants
  • 1 misdemeanor drug warrant. 
  • Time of arrest was 3:13 PM. 

He has several prior arrests for property crimes but nothing violent.

Photo Credit Emily Geller

Cope Officer Drew was posted outside of Washington Elementary during the whole time, the K-9 unit was tracking the suspect. Officer Drew told theHuntingtonian “don’t worry we will get him, it appears he was wanted on warrants” and once again Officer Drew is correct. Thank you SCPD for another fine job. Many people were concerned. 

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