On Sunday March 12, 2017, Senate Republicans presented a proposal to spend over $8 billion on clean water and sewer projects, a $5 billion infrastructure bond plan and the formation of an institute to set state standards for unregulated contaminants. The proposal is part of the Senate Republicans’ “one-house budget” proposal that will be released today. The Assembly’s one-house budget is expected to spend at least $2 billion to address water quality concerns statewide.

“The Senate GOP’s plan is a critical step in addressing the deteriorating water infrastructure facing thousands of families across Nassau and Suffolk counties,” said Lupinacci. “For decades the issue of water quality has been consistently underfunded and has become a trend that must be reversed so our communities can have access to safe drinking water. Regrettably, the Assembly’s proposal does not go far enough and we must reserve a greater portion of funding to this long overdue issue. While we are not yet in total agreement over the amount that must be spent, I am confident that we will reach an equitable agreement where the safety of our water will not be compromised.”       

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