Community Finds Out, MS-13 Gang Members Arrested and Deported

Community Meeting Summary

On March 22, 2017 a regular monthly meeting was held, at the Huntington Resource Center for the community.  These meetings are truly a community meeting with police, many others in the government and schools all being invited to discuss community problems. See flyer below for next meeting.

If you have a concern about the Huntington Station Community you need to come to the next meeting on April 26, 2017, 6pm.

The police have a run down on issues happening in the community.  The major concern of many over the last few meetings has been recruiting, bullying and beatings from MS-13 gang members. Back on February 14, 2017 Kevin Zepedapadilla, 17 (MS-13 gang member), was arrested for stabbing two people on NY Ave back in November 2016, confirmed by video.  Two sources have confirmed that Zepedapadilla has been removed from NY jail and is waiting to be deported in a Pennsylvania ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) Center.  The meeting also made the community aware that a 16 year old (name withheld because of age) who was a menace to the Huntington Station Community and schools was actively recruiting for MS-13,  was also arrested on many charges and he too has been sent to the ICE Detention center in PA like Zepedapadilla. Young community members mentioned that things have been much better and quiet up at the High School because of his arrest. The meeting attendees gave a loud ovation.

One question that came up in new business was, is there ICE raids happening?  Inspector Hatton stated that “ICE” does not call them if they are about to arrest someone unless they need the SCPD help, which is rare. Everyone agreed that we would all see pictures of such on social media or many calls would have happened to 911 from somebody. Inspector Hatton stated “that the SCPD does not raid for ICE or ask about anyone’s status as policy of the department”. Procedurally the police will not ask someone about their citizenship. If one is arrested for a felon and after all the regular pictures/fingerprints/etc., and if someone does not have ID,  their name will be submitted to ICE. ICE will send back an answer on status.  If a person is sent to the judge and then to Jail in Riverhead then maybe ICE will pickup if there is an issue about the person and deportation. “Second Precinct has nothing to do with ICE”, stated Inspector Hatton.

Support your community get involved and is you see something say something. Dial 911 or Crime Stopper tip line at 800-220-TIPS. For drugs residents are encouraged to call anonymously to 631-852-NARC to report information about drug dealers within their communities. 

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