A Record Number of Whitman HS Eagle Scouts Set to Graduate

This is an exceptional year for Walt Whitman graduates. But the story behind the story may well be that we have an unprecedented number of Eagle Scouts graduating on June 24th. Missing the national record by only one, presently held in Texas with an even dozen, Walt Whitman is graduating eleven exceptional Eagle Scouts who over the years have contributed greatly to the fabric of their schools and the community. Congratulations to following seniors and their families:


  • Benjamin Nace: Troop 34 will be attending Cornell University to study Biology
  • James Reilly: Troop 218 will be studying film at Hunter College in the fall
  • Steven Ciravolo: Troop 406 is undecided on his major and college for next year
  • Michael Giarizzo: Troop 406 will be studying Computer Engineering at Binghamton University in the fall
  • Christopher Dybus: Troop 406 will be attending SUNY Oneonta
  • Zachary Bruno: Troop 406 will be attending the University of Albany to study Cyber Security
  • Will Burton: Troop 406 will be attending SUNY Cobleskill
  • Michael Maniscalco: Troop 406 is undecided where he will study nursing next fall
  • Esteban Lopez: Troop 406 is undecided what he will be majoring in at Cornell University next fall
  • Mark Hustedt:  Troop 34 will be attending Virginia Tech and studying Material Science Engineering
  • Andrew Martin: Troop 406 will be attending Misericordia University and studying Government Law and National Security.

PhotoL Walt Whitman Principal John Murphy is extremely proud of his senior Eagle Scouts: Front row l-r: Andrew Martin, Michael Giarizzo, Michael Maniscalco, Benjamin Nace, Zachary Bruno, Back row l-r: Mark Hustedt, James Reilly, Esteban Lopez, and Steven Ciravolo. Not present for photo: Christopher Dybus and William Burton.

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