Sink Hole In Huntington Sucks in 2 Workers One Dies

Suffolk County Police Homicide Squad detectives are investigating an incident during which a man was killed after he became trapped underground when the ground gave way in Huntington.

A crew was installing a cesspool at a home located at 2 Beech Place in Huntington, NY when the ground gave way trapping Edward Sinnott at approximately 12:50 p.m. May 24, 2017. The ground around the cesspool let go and Sinnott went down outside of the cesspool ring and disappeared into the sink hole.  He was covered by many tons of sand and dirt.  Ed Sinnott, 59, of Huntington, was recovered just before 7 p.m. and pronounced dead at the scene by a physician’s assistant from the Office of the Suffolk County Medical Examiner.  The second worker was able to grab the crane’s bucket and was pulled out of the sink hole, without injury.  According to witnesses at the scene the crew had the help of many in the industry with more equipment and dirt to finish the job. It took 2 additional trunk loads of dirt to fill in and finish the job and make the site safe for all.  Approximately more than 30 homes in the area could not come and go until they finished, sometime around midnight.  

Suffolk County Police Second Precinct and Emergency Service Section officers, Nassau County Emergency Service officers, members of Huntington Community First Aid, Huntington Fire Department, Huntington Manor Fire Department, Greenlawn Fire Department and Dix Hills Fire Department responded as well as officials from the Town of Huntington and Occupational Safety and Health Administration responded.

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