Assemblyman Chad Lupinacci, candidate for Huntington Town Supervisor, recently received the endorsement of the New York State Reform Party, an official party press release said Wednesday-July 5, 2017.  This comes as Lupinacci’s third party endorsement, also endorsed by the Republican and Conservative Parties. 

“These candidates were selected on the merits, not as the result of some back-room deal.  Electing these candidates will go a long way towards changing New York state government’s status as a national punch line,” said the party’s state chairman and radio personality Curtis Silwa. “The party takes pride in its emphasis on reducing special interest control of government and advocating public policy positions that will truly reform state government. It totally rejects the idea of parties being used to trade for patronage jobs,” the release later said. 

“I am honored to receive the endorsement of the New York State Reform Party,” Lupinacci said. “This very dedicated group of voters are committed to responsive and accountable government that works for the people. The party’s platform, which is founded on term limits, ethics reforms, and fiscal responsibility, corresponds directly with my vision to move the Town of Huntington in a new direction,” Lupinacci said. “I am proud that they have placed their faith in me to bring Huntington the change it needs for a better future,” Lupinacci said. 

“With the groundswell of enthusiasm that my candidacy has received since my announcement a month ago, I am pleased that the Reform Party has publicly expressed their support for my vision for the future of our great town,” Lupinacci said. 

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