Dear Everyone,

After much deliberation and many logistical calculations we were left with no choice but to cancel the 2017 Musicfest.

We have had an amazing summer so far at Huntington Lighthouse and thanks to your generous support,

2014 Music Fest

progress has been made on the critical repair work.

The restoration process that began last fall has made great strides and she’s looking good! Along the way we have discovered unpredicted work on the fourth side that must be completed to help make the lighthouse foundation structurally sound again. This was not unexpected with a job of this magnitude, but, is beyond the original scope of work.

These additional repairs will prohibit the 2017 Lighthouse Music Fest to be held. This decision did not come easily, but for the safety of our team and the musicians, as well as, to continue the critical construction work, we have no other choice.

Funding is still needed to help for this construction. (Click on the link below to donate) Please help pass the word along and start preparing for the 2018 Musicfest. It will ROCK the BAY! We will have plenty to celebrate and we promise the Lighthouse Musicfest will be back, BIGGER and BETTER than ever before so, rest up!

Thank you for your continued support and let’s get our Castle in the Harbor fortified so it will shine brightly for generations to come!

Stay tuned for Boat Parade 2017, November 24th…make plans NOW to put your boat in the parade! Let’s Rock the Harbor with a blowout Parade!

Thank you for your understanding and support! 

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