Paralympic athlete Mikey Brannigan honored as Hometown Hero


Mikey Brannigan, Northport resident and Paralympic gold medalist, was honored at Northport High School on August 9, 2017 for his Paralympic records and medals, but above all, his good character. Brannigan, who was diagnosed with autism at age 3, is the only Paralympic athlete in history to hold records in the 1500m, 3000m and 5000m simultaneously.

Northport-East Northport Superintendent of Schools Robert Banzer and Northport High School Principal Dan Danbusky were joined by other district administrators, staff members, local dignitaries and students to celebrate Brannigan as a hometown hero and inspiration.

Assemblyman Chad Lupinacci, Sen. John Flanagan, Assemblyman Andrew Raia and Sen. Carl Marcellino each shared remarks about Brannigan’s accomplishments and presented him with citations and proclamations. Awards were also provided on behalf of Legislator Dr. William Spencer and Legislator Robert Trotta.

Brannigan’s coach, Sonja Robinson, was in attendance as well. “Mikey is anchored in the character traits that make him a champion, and he learned that here in Northport,” she said. “He loves competing and he loves the sport, but above all he is the personification of a good sportsman.” She noted that after every race, no matter how he does, he shakes his competitors hand.

“He has touched so many lives in so many ways that it’s really inexplicable, but it’s also very inspiring,” said Mr. Banzer. “Yes, we have the medals and the honors, and he works tremendously hard along with his coaches and parents to push himself to be the best, but it’s really his character that just exudes for all of us here in Northport.”


From left: Sen. Carl Marcellino, coach Sonja Robinson, Superintendent of Schools Robert Banzer, Mikey Brannigan, Assemblyman Chad Lupinacci, Sen. John Flanagan and Assemblyman Andrew Raia.

Mikey Brannigan, pictured with coach Sonja Robinson, Assemblyman Andrew Raia, Sen. John Flanagan and Assemblyman Chad Lupinacci, proudly accepted a proclamation.

Coach Robinson shared words about Brannigan’s excellent character.

Superintendent of Schools Robert Banzer recognized Brannigan for his sportsmanship and achievements.

Photos courtesy of Northport-East Northport Public Schools

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