Letter from the Chief: Hurricane Harvey Donations

Dear Friends and Neighbors,

By now we’ve all heard about the devastation that Hurricane Harvey has brought to Texas and the surrounding areas. Not so long ago, we were the ones in need of assistance in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy; lets pay it forward! Community member George Schwertl has rented trucks to be driven to Texas, and we are asking for your help in filling them. Please bring donations from the list below to the Halesite Firehouse from now through Wednesday September 6th as we will have our own truck to load up.

The following items will be accepted as part of this drive:

Canned goods and NON-Perishable food items
Baby goods (Not Clothes)
Toiletries (Toothbrush / Toothpaste, Bar Soap, Toilet Paper, Kleenex, Shampoo / Conditioner, Deodorant, Baby Wipes, Feminine Hygiene Products)
Bottled Water
NEW Blankets
Dog/Cat Food

Additional drop off locations are set up at the following locations:

Huntington Manor FD
East Northport FD
Dix Hills FD
PAS Auto Body, 627 New York Ave, Huntington
Superior Ice Rink, 270 Indian Head Rd, Kings Park
Schwertl Auto Body, 200 Blydenburgh Rx, Suite 200, Islandia

Thank you for your continued support.

Be Safe,

Greg Colonna
Chief of Department -Halesite Fire Department

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