Deadline, Rules Revised for Gingerbread House Competition

Applications must be submitted by Nov. 10 to enter; entries due later


          The Town of Huntington and the Huntington Village Parade and Festival committee have extended until November 10 the deadline for applying to enter the Third Annual Gingerbread House Competition, one of the many activities in Huntington Village November 26, 2017.


          The extension covers both categories – bakers age 14 and under and those 15 and up – with the winner in each category to be decided by the public, who will be asked to cast ballots after viewing the displays of the finalists in two storefronts on New York Avenue the day of the parade and festival. The winners will be announced at the annual tree lighting that follows the parade.


          While the deadline is the same in both categories, the maximum dimensions differ: not more than 20 inches in height or base for the younger group and 26 inches for the older category.


The full rules and application forms can be found at


          Last year, nearly 400 people cast ballots for the winners in two categories, commercial bakeries and home bakers. The home baker competition proved so popular that the committee added the second home baker category, grouped by age, substituting for the commercial bakeries. In each category, the prices will be Amazon gift cards: $200 for first place, $100 for second place and $50 for third place.


After the parade and festival, all the finalist entries will be moved to Town Hall, where they will be put on display through January. Last year, thousands of visitors marveled at the six bakery entries as they passed through the Town Hall lobby.


While the application to enter needs to be submitted by November 10, 2017 the actual entries will not be due until sometime closer to the 26th.  Participants will be notified when and where to bring their entries.

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