911 NYPD Hero Commits Suicide At Frazier Park in Greenlawn

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Retired NYPD Captain Doug Greenwood, 61 of Greenlawn decided to take his life as the pain from the cancer he got from working the “The pile” at the world trade center bombing was just becoming too much. Greenwood was not married or had children. According to a NYPOST article his friend Kevin McCormick stated “He said when there’s no more quality of life, I’m going to do it”.  He meant take his own life his friend stated.

His body was found by police last night 12/13/17 near the entrance of Frazier Park in Greenlawn.  He apparently died of a gunshot wound.

Since is retirement from the NYPD in 2003 Greenwood  a 26 year member of the NYPD, became the owner of Bleecker Street Pizza. And this was his second career with his NYC pizza store taking many honors in the Pizza arena.

God rest his soul, a true 911 and Huntingtonian hero. He has an older brother Gregory Greenwood of Queens.

MEET DOUG – YOUTUBE Video below:


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