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Note: Normally, the Huntingtonian provides very specific details in our stories.  In this story, we make reference to homeless shelters, sober houses, and other homes that are owned by the Town.  Because of the delicate nature of the situation and because children are involved, we have decided not to release the addresses of these dwellings.  […]

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Two Men Honored For 50 Years Of Service

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We asked Frank what he felt his most memorable moments were during his 50 years. Frank stated ” that going to fires and helping to put out those fires to help people” is his fondest memory. Frank has so many good memories about his service to the Huntington Fire Department over 50 plus years.
Douglas Marchi […]

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The closing of the Jack Abrams school can be directly tied to decades of discriminatory housing practices in the Town of Huntington. These housing practices can be traced back to prior to the destruction that is referred to as “Urban Renewal” and continues all the way through to the most recent Town Council meetings.
In 1969, […]

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2,101 Huntingtonians Still Without Power!

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As of 1:23pm today there are 2,101 Huntingtonians without power. Elwood and South Huntington now lead the way respectively with 366 and 368 missing power. The Town administration wants you to call the 24 hour hotline to tell them you still do not have power so they can let LIPA know, the number is 631-351-3234.
Governor […]

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Upstate Town Severely Impacted By Irene

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Prattsville, NY is known by many from Huntington. Huntingtonians have spent time with friends and family members enjoying the outdoors in the immediate area surrounding Prattsville, including skiing at Windham and Hunter Mountains.
Prattsville was first settled around 1763, and was called Schoharie Kill.   An attempt during the American Revolution by the British and their Tory allies […]

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Outrage in Huntington


TheHuntingtonian TIPS Line received a  message from Kathy in Huntington that there was still a very dangerous condition on Cliftwood Dr, Abbott Dr and Fort Hill Rd(see pictures in gallery). She emailed us at tips@thehuntingtonian.com and said “there is a sign at Cliftwood and Park Ave saying  Where is LIPA, Verizon and Frank Petrone?”.
The Huntingtonian went to […]

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After the Devastation-Huntington

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(Huntington, NY 8/28/11 8:40pm)
These are some of the things that Hurricane Irene left behind in Huntington.

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Introducing Gene Cook

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Gene Cook was raised on Long Island and now lives with his wife and children in Greenlawn. Cook says he has chosen to run for Town office because he is “discouraged by the consistent unanimous voting records of the town board, does not believe its members are acting in the best interests of the people, and wants […]

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The Race Begins

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The ticket has been set for the Town Board, and the race begins. Lets hope they all focus on issues that are really important to Huntingtonian’s. The candidates are listed below the party line they will have on the ballot in November.
Republican Line:
Gene Cook
Herb Morrow
Conservative Line:
Gene Cook
Herb Morrow
Independence Line:
Gene Cook
Susan Berland
Democratic Line:
Glenda Jackson
Susan Berland
Working Families […]

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Introducing Herb Morrow

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Herb Morrow currently serves as the Mayor of the Village of Huntington Bay. He joined the Village Board in 1993 as a Trustee. He was first elected Mayor in 1994 and in June 2010 was elected to his ninth, two year term. The Village Mayor in Huntington Bay, like many other Villages throughout New York […]

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