Fire Devastates Melville Home

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(Melville,NY) In the middle of a gorgeous summer day, a raging fire swept through a home on Rainer Street in Melville on Saturday. The two story home is located in the Triangle Section of Melville bordered by Old Country Road, New York Ave and Melville Road. Investigators were trying to determine the cause of the blaze which engulfed the home in under 30 minutes.

Witnesses said the flames engulfed the home in a matter of moments just as fire trucks arrived. One of the neighbors across the street said she smelled smoke but did not think much of it. When she glanced out her front window, all seemed calm. Within a few minutes, she looked out again and was shocked when she saw a sea of fire trucks and police cars. Damage to the house included an antique car kept in the garage and a car parked on the driveway. Due to the intensity of the flames, it melted the bumper of the car as it sat helplessly on the driveway. The owners of the home were away on vacation when the fire broke out.



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