Google buys Motorola

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Google Buys Motorola

Google Inc. agreed to acquire Motorola Mobility Holdings Inc. for about $12.5 billion in cash today, allowing the creator of the fast-growing Android mobile operating system to build its own smartphones, tablets and providing 17,000 more patents (7,500 other in the works) to defend against a rash of lawsuits. Two weeks ago Google also purchased 1,000 patents from IBM.


Motorola Mobility

The deal, by far Google’s largest ever, would put the Tech company in direct competition with Apple Inc. and step up the pressure on other smartphone and tablet makers such as Research In Motion Ltd. and Nokia Corp., which recently forged a broad alliance with Microsoft Corp. for smartphone software. Smart phones with Andriod have sold 149 million. One as to ask will Google take over as the number one computer company over Microsoft? Is Microsoft going to go the way IBM did?

Motorola had purchased Symbol Technologies, a Long Island company, on January 9, 2007 for $3.9.


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