Out of The Race!

A press release from Peter Nichols says: I have requested that the Suffolk County Libertarian Party withdraw my name from consideration for a town board seat due to certain developments that have occurred during the current petitioning process. However, through my own organization,  SaveHuntington.com, I will continue to work with those voters who feel disenfranchised by the current political system and who would like to see term limits, campaign finance reform and performance audits come to Huntington.I have always believed that election campaigns should be about such issues as government reform and equal representation, not personalities and trying to settle scores.It is now time for Republicans, Conservatives, Libertarians and other independent groups to work together in developing a coherent platform and strategy in order to save the quality of life Huntington residents have always enjoyed.  We need to build coalitions and bridges that reach out to all Huntington residents, not just those who scream the loudest.Hopefully, this will happen sooner rather than later.
Peter Nichols

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