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The staff at thehuntingtonian.com welcomes you to this new site. We look forward to serving your needs and having a little fun along the way. Hopefully you will notice that we are taking a little different approach to reporting. We want to give a few more facts and ideas than you would normally find in an online newspaper in the Town of Huntington. We have noticed over time that certain things happening in this Town that affect many residents have gone unreported or have been misrepresented. We hope to put an end to this.

Obviously there are some very important things happening in the Town in the coming months, and years. We hope that we can provide the information that you need in order to make informed decisions about things affecting your lives as residents of this great Town.

You can do your part by letting us know of events that you want to promote, ideas you have for articles, questions you would like answered, etc. We will do our best to accommodate these ideas and requests. We would like to be a reliable community online presence.

We want to share ideas and inspire adult conversation in the comments sections. We require that you create an account before posting comments in the hope that this will cut down on drivel. As time goes on we will be adding new features to the site that are presently in development. Please let us know how you feel below or if you have ideas for things that you miss in other local online publications.

We hope you decide to have your morning coffee with us, time on the train, or check in after the kids are in bed.  The Huntingtonian is a fresh, accurate, Huntington news source  and we are glad you are checking us out.

Ilene Fucci & Nicholas Wieland


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