Fatal Stabbing

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The Suffolk County Police Department is investigating the fatal stabbing of a man whose body was found on W. 13th Street in Huntington Station. Police received a 911 call  about a man laying on the ground at around 4:30 am. Police say the victim is Juan Carlos Benitez-Garcia, 31, of 45 Railroad Street. He was pronounced dead after being taken to Huntington Hospital. Witnesses said Benitez-Garcia was involved in a fight with a group of other men. Police closed W. 13th Street between New York Avenue and Third Avenue and brought in the mobile  command post to facilitate investigation of  this crime.

Since the road is blocked the car wash at the corner of New York Avenue and W. 13th Street is out of business today because the cars would exit the car wash on W. 13th Street. This local business is an unintended victim of this crime.


Crime Stoppers

Police request that if you have any information on this crime that you please call them anonymously at the Crime Stoppers Hotline, 1-800-220-TIPS These calls will be confidential. 

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One Response to Fatal Stabbing

  1. You guys are really on this stuff, amazing. Someone told me this might be a gang related issue? This crap is getting much worse around town. I wonder what Petrone and the group thinks? Has anyone spoken to them? Has anyone called inspector Brady?

    Thank God it was a knife and not one of those ATF Fast and Furious guns? We might have more media coverage then, the town could stand, no?

    Did you see in one picture a beer bottle but more importantly like 5 empty cases/6 packs on the ground so they were just out there at 4am drinking in the streets? Really? Where is law enforcement or Public Safety? Huh?

    This is absolutely disgraceful for our town.

    Adam Spencer
    August 20, 2011 3:07 pm at 3:07 pm

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