Introducing Gene Cook

Gene Cook

Gene Cook was raised on Long Island and now lives with his wife and children in Greenlawn. Cook says he has chosen to run for Town office because he is “discouraged by the consistent unanimous voting records of the town board, does not believe its members are acting in the best interests of the people, and wants to see more effective management of taxpayer money”. Cook says he is not interested in a full time political career like the present members of the Town Board. Cook says he wants to serve his community, fix what needs to be fixed, and continue with his life’s work as our forefathers intended for local government officials.  Cook states, “as a small business owner, I know that times are hard.  In order to survive during these tough economic times I’ve learned to manage my business more efficiently and believe our Town Government should do the same.  I am committed to serving you and making our tax dollars count”.

 Cook says that for over 25 years he has owned a successful company that provides road contracting services and building construction to municipalities, public institutions, private corporations and individuals. Cook says he has a working-class background, a Business Administration degree from Nassau Community College and that he worked his way up from a humble start as a welder to become the owner of E. Cook Industries. Cook says he is the holder of several patents for products and inventions related to heavy equipment.  He claims he has the experience to be on the Town Board because he is successfully running a business, managing employees, making large financial decisions, and has always accepted accountability for his actions.

Cook says he “manages an annual budget in the millions” which he says makes him well suited to manage Town funds. Cook says that his extensive background in construction, real estate management, municipalities and State and Federal funding, gives him superior qualifications to serve on the Town Board.

Cook ran for Town Board unsuccessfully in 2009. He lost by a little more than 250 votes. Cook claims he “will be a new face and a new voice”.

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  1. He will need some of that heavy equipment to clean up the mess King Petrone – The Puppetmaster – and his Susan and Glenda puppets have made.

    August 20, 2011 3:50 pm at 3:50 pm

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