The Fat Lady Is Singing and So Are The Republicans

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Vivienne Wong, her attorney Kevin Brosnahan and the Democrats have run out of ways to remove Gene Cook’s name from the Republican line this November. Despite the fact that the New York State Appellate Division decided unanimously that Gene Cook would rightfully remain on the ballot, an appeal was immediately filed by Vivienne Wong.  The case was presented to 3 judges from the New York State Court of Appeals early this morning.  The purpose of this hearing was to determine if the full court of 7 judges would need to hear the case.  After the attorney’s presented their cases, it was determined that the case did not warrant going any further.  The Court of Appeals which is the highest court in the state, decided in favor of the Huntington Republican Committee and they denied the appeal.  The Huntingtonian spoke with Josh Price who is the attorney for the Republican committee.  Mr. Price stated, “The Court of Appeals correctly denied permission to Ms. Wong to appeal the decision against her. There is no question that the Huntington Republican Committee properly authorized Gene Cook to be it’s candidate.  Justice has been done.” Vivienne Wong was not present in court this morning.

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