Press Release: Huntington Highway Superintendent

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William Naughton, Superintendent of Highways for the Town of Huntington would like to thank the public for their cooperation and patience while his department clears the roads after Hurricane Irene.  It is estimated 1,200 trees are down or damaged at this time.

Mr. Naughton stated that, “Town Highway crews have been out since Sunday, 6:00AM with manpower and equipment working 14 hour shifts. Our tree trimming crews and the entire highway staff are attempting to service everyone as soon as possible. However, we must ensure the safety of all workers first. Crews are unable to remove downed trees and debris as long as those trees are in and around downed utility wires. Highway crews must wait until the area is deemed safe by LIPA crews”.

As of 11:00AM today, three line crews were made available to Highway. The utility companies are working independent of the highway crews and information from LIPA is limited.

Our crews are all out there and as of today, we have an additional 36 pieces of rented equipment from outside contractors working for us as well.

When safe to do so, Highway crews will be picking up tree debris. It should be placed off the road on the roadside which is the town right of way.  It should be neatly stacked which will make it easier for us to remove.  The more consolidated the debris is, the more efficiently the equipment and crews can remove the debris. Remember to keep the tree debris off the streets for safety of the traveling public.

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