“We would like to pledge our support for Dennis Garetano”- Rich McGrath & Joe Fusaro

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Rich McGrath & Joe Fusaro

In advance of the September 13th Independence Party primary for the 17 LD of Suffolk County, we would like to pledge our support for Dennis Garetano.  Mr. Garetano’s record as a fiscal watchdog while serving as a member of South Huntington’s Board of Education is well known.  In his eight years of service, he was an articulate advocate for fighting state and federal mandates that have saddled taxpayers with tens of millions of dollars in wasteful spending that a local district, such as South Huntington, (the second largest Huntington district) has no control over.  Mr. Garetano has repeatedly fought against higher taxes. As a business owner, he knows firsthand the devastating impact government mandates and taxes have on all of us.
Mr. Garetano’s opponent, incumbent Lou D’Amaro, has criticized Mr. Garetano’s actions as a member of the school board. As longtime school board members, we are tired of these attacks on volunteer school board members, who are on the front lines fighting tax increases while politicians do nothing to help our cause. Unlike Suffolk County’s budget, school budgets are not approved or rejected by Garetano or the School Board collectively, but rather by the residents in an annual school budget vote.  Yes, Dennis took the lead in reducing spending, but ultimately, every budget was passed by the residents – a tremendous show of support!
Instead of criticizing the South Huntington School Board and its residents, we suggest Mr. D’Amaro focus on the number one responsibility of any county legislator: public safety. He has failed miserably in this area, as the parents who used to send their sons and daughters to the now-shuttered Jack Abrams Intermediate School know better than anyone. 
During Mr. D’Amaro’s six years as a legislator, the police annex on NY Avenue was closed and the gang task force was removed from the 2nd Precinct, all while gang violence surged.  Another murder occurred two weeks ago in our community which is sadly now routine.
Let’s move forward with someone who has a history of quality public service and “getting things done”, someone who is a small business owner and knows first hand the problems of the average taxpayer.
Vote September 13th and elect Dennis Garetano for the 17th Legislative District!


Richard McGrath – Huntington
Joe Fusaro – Elwood

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2 Responses to “We would like to pledge our support for Dennis Garetano”- Rich McGrath & Joe Fusaro

  1. The only thing the democrats have succeeded at in Huntington under the Petrone regime, they have managed to ghettoized the center of Huntington with violent crime seeping from the center outward to neighboring communities. The Dems answer to all this is to place more high density housing in a crime ridden area. Under the dems, single family housing neighborhoods will be a thing of the past as accessory apartments and now two family houses made from single family houses will be allowed causing a bigger financial strain on our school system and government services budgets. The single family homeowner will be paying higher taxes so his neighbors tenants get a free ride and the landlord makes huge profits. Pius and Venegroff and other slumlords have been doing this for decades. It helped made them multi-millionaires at taxpayers expense. You can thank the dem county legislators and the dem town board led by Frank Petrone for ruining the suburban quality of life.

    Marshall Field
    September 10, 2011 7:24 pm at 7:24 pm

  2. 62 10th Ave is even better landlord David Ney of Oyster Bay is currently in court on 3 OTHER PROPERTIES properties with bail $750 for not showing up. He also gets section8 payments.
    TOH v Ney:
    A)216 5th AVE HS
    B)18 11th AVE HS
    C)201 4th AVE HS
    Judge Hackeling hopefully ia a bit perturbed these cases have been postponed over a year. The ZBA also gives this slumlord on 62 10th Ave. property LEGAL now as a 2 family so I guess it will now be a 4 family and he will just snicker saying oh I will just wait to get caught?

    Adam Spencer
    September 10, 2011 8:57 pm at 8:57 pm

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