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On September 11, 2001 the United States was attacked by terrorists.

Today, on the tenth anniversary of the attack, we remember and honor those who died that day.

Many people died that day and 43 of them were Huntingtonians.

Their names are listed below:

Andrew A. Abate

Brian G. Ahearn

Joseph P. Anchundia

Ezra Aviles

Craig M. Blass

Judson Cavalier

Susan M. Clyne

Thomas J. Collins

Ronald Comer

Michael J. Duffy

Dennis M. Edwards

Eric A. Eisenberg

Mark J. Ellis

Terrence P. Farrell

Thomas P. Farrelly

Peter V. Genco

Jeffrey G. Goldflam

Karen Hagerty

Philip T. Hayes

Jake D. Jagoda

Christopher D. Jones

Frederick H. Kelley

Martin Lizzul

Farrell P. Lynch

Edward J. Mardovich

Michael D. McCarthy

Thomas McHale

Rocco A. Medaglia

Kevin J. Murphy

Peter A. Nelson

Chrictopher M. Panatier

Lorenzo Ramzey

James B. Reilly

Kristin Irvine Ryan

Francis J. Sadocha

Dennis Scauso

Daniel L. Smith

Robert Sutcliffe

Michael Taddonio

Brian T. Thompson

Daniel P. Trant

John Wallice Jr.

Oleh D. Wengerchuk

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