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Many of you have been receiving emails from me on various local topics over the last six years.  As you know I am committed to making sure our elected officials do their job. I believe in citizen representation with term limits.  It allows everyday people like us to jump into the political arena, work hard to make a difference and then return to our former careers, making room for the next concerned citizen to pick up the torch and continue to work hard for the people in the district.  Keeping “the torch” too long leads to complacency and corruption.  Sounds like  an impossible dream…well I always believe in a dream and as a coach I always taught my kids to never give up their dreams…..

With that said, I have agreed to run for  County Legislator for the 17th  Legislative District representing Huntington, Huntington Station, South Huntington, Melville, Dix Hills, North Babylon and Deer Park.

I have been following incumbent Legislator, Lou D’Amaro, since he was elected in 2005 and have wished him much success–but quite frankly, the job is not getting done. Our quality of life and our community has not improved.  One only needs to read the papers or police reports to agree that it is getting worse. There are no jobs for our kids, adults are out of work, and our property values have plummeted. Business is not good. Lou’s focus seems to be removed from the real problems facing our community.  He certainly takes a good photo, and distributes money well (our tax dollars); but he has been absent when we really need leadership.  He is just not involved in the community he is supposed to represent.

Lou is also a shrewd politician who knows how to work the system.  Between his legislative job and his wife’s highly paid Suffolk County Attorney position, he has resources and connections I simply don’t have in this election.

The Republicans and Conservatives have asked me to represent this district. I am an Independence Party member running a primary to appear on that line too, so there is a very good chance to win this seat and make a difference.  I am not in this to make a career for myself, I’ve already done that. I want to do my little part to fix the dysfunctional government which we know is not working for us,  and especially not working for our children and for the future of this district.   I know I have the leadership skills to do what is right for the people of the 17th Legislative District.

Dennis Garetano

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  1. We certainly can use some new blood in Huntington and Dennis Garetano fills that bill. At least Dennis lives in the community and he is better qualified to deal with middleclass problems both in Huntington and Babylon than a county legislator who lives next to a state park in a gated community in Babylon. Lou D’Amaro has used his political position to help his career as an attorney like so many other career politicians. Ethics doesn’t mean a thing anymore. I know Dennis is sincere and he wants Huntington and Babylon to prosper and be safe as suburban towns not as small cities ripe with crime overcrowding and pollution and higher taxes.

    Marshall Field
    September 16, 2011 11:45 pm at 11:45 pm

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