Poulos Announces Economic Plan

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Poulos Wants to Revive the Local Economy. 

Today Deborah Poulos, Republican and Conservative candidate for the Suffolk County Legislature’s 16th District, announced her plan to help revive the local economy.

“Suffolk County should not just hope for the best.  We need to be proactive in helping improve the local economic outlook,” said Poulos.  “As a business owner, I know how high taxes, hidden taxes, more regulations and endless bureaucracy can deter economic development.  That’s why I have developed a plan.”

Unemployment in Suffolk County has been steadily growing during Steve Stern’s tenure.   It has basically doubled.  Deborah fears that even more people are underemployed.  Her goal is to make Suffolk County business friendly, so we can put people back to work.

Her plan includes:

  • Performance audit—Deborah wants to conduct a performance audit of Suffolk County agencies and departments to make sure our tax dollars are being maximized and that the county is providing quality services.
  • Long Term Plan—After the performance audit Deborah will work with other legislators to determine the needs of the county over the next decade.  She wants to wisely map out our county’s future goals and not just budget from year to year without any set goals.  This will stop the need for emergency funding and bonding and it will lower the tax burden.
  • Certainty for business community—By making departments efficient and making long term plans for the county, businesses will finally have the certainty they need.  Not knowing if there is going to be a deficit so taxes have to be raised is holding back many entrepreneurs and other businesses from growing. It is also keeping unemployment high.
  • Business friendly climate—Deborah Poulos wants entrepreneurs and our local businesses to know that we appreciate them and that Suffolk County recognizes they are job creators for our citizens.

How do we establish a business friendly atmosphere:

  • Stop passing hidden tax increases.
  • Lower taxes that add to the cost of doing business such as licensing fees, parking fees, and taxes on utilities.
  • Streamline bureaucracy so businesses can easily comply with regulations and get the appropriate permits.

“Waiting and hoping for improvement is not a plan,” added Poulos.

Deborah Poulos is the only candidate with an economic plan.

This is the second plan that Poulos has announced during her campaign.  She first released an accountability plan that included conducting regular office hours, holding town meetings, sending out newsletters (not funded by taxpayers) and using the internet better to keep people informed.

Poulos is a lifelong resident of Long Island.  She has a deep commitment to the community.  She is a co-founding member of a Dix Hills civic organization, supporter of the Lustgarten Foundation, the American Diabetes Association and the Crohn’s Disease Foundation, and member of the St. Paraskevi Greek Orthodox Shrine Church.  Also, she serves as an advisor to the Philoptichos Society—a women’s philanthropic organization serving our community.  Professionally, she is a founding partner of the law firm—Lefkowitz and Poulos.  She is a member of the Suffolk County Bar Association and the Suffolk County Women’s Bar Association.

Voters can find more information on her by visiting www.VoteDeborahPoulos.com

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