Seriously Glenda?

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Our main goals in establishing The Huntingtonian is to share all the interesting things to see and do in Huntington and to do our part to help preserve what is great about this Town.  Part of that process is to hold our elected officials accountable to tell the truth.

Some of our local politicians have gotten so arrogant and careless in much of what they say and do. This in large part has to do with the local media refusing to investigate the facts behind words and promises.  The disturbing reality is that even the most intelligent people believe lies when they are in print.  The reverse is true as well, those educated folks seem to deny the reality around them because “it has never been reported in the media as fact”.  Our goal is to change that.  There are honest and dishonest politicians on both sides of the aisle so to speak.  We are particularly disturbed by the arrogance of Glenda Jackson, Susan Berland, Mark Cuthbertson and Frank Petrone.  These four are particularly outrageous because they have managed to gain control of most of the local media. Frank Petrone has been a master at creating a situation where he and his cronies can pretty much say and do whatever they please and never be held accountable for it.  As one resident said “you can’t spell Petrone without PR”. There are countless examples that make those of us who know the truth cringe.  When these 4 council members or any others, say something that is untrue, we intend to set the record straight.  Here is one of those examples that is so typical of Glenda Jackson.

“The Take Back the Blocks Program has been a vital part of the revitalization of Huntington Station and has allowed many families who may not have otherwise had the opportunity to become homeowners,” Councilwoman Glenda Jackson said.  “By supporting people with the purchase and maintenance of their home, we are ultimately stabilizing the quality of life of Huntington and its residents.”

At the time the above statement was made by Glenda Jackson, there had been exactly one closing of a home under the Take Back The Blocks Program.  Only one family had benefited from the program”, unless you count Don Pius who is the only owner that the Town has purchased property from under this program.  The way the program has worked so far, is that Mr. Pius lets his property fall apart and become a hazard and eyesore to the community and then the town pays him well above Market price using our tax dollars for the right to knock it down, rebuild it and try to sell it.  Reporters from The Huntingtonian have done extensive research and have learned that this program is terribly flawed.  The information will be released in another article. This is one of the many “smoke and mirror” tactics used by this town board to attempt to fool Huntingtonians into believing that they are really working to improve the quality of life in Huntington Station.  Keeping things exactly the way they are is very lucrative to a few select and powerful individuals.  Unfortunately, it is at the expense of the majority of Huntingtonians.

We have no idea why Glenda considers this a “vital part of the revitalization”.  Since the Town Board “broke ground” on the first Take Back The Blocks” project more than 6 years ago, there has been a total of 2 homes closed on.

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One Response to Seriously Glenda?

  1. That is a very interesting but disturbing fact. Only 2 houses completed in take back the block program in 6 years it was in effect. What is also disturbing is that the major media outlets ignore this absurdity for fear it may damage the Democrats reputation and cost them elections. Newsday’s Sandra Peddie was going to cover these stories years ago but caved in to managing editors. The media must uphold the left wing agenda or else Democrats could lose so we get bad government and a media that is being untruthful not just in what they report but also what they don’t report.

    Marshall Field
    September 24, 2011 1:09 am at 1:09 am

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