Herb Morrow Meets Huntington Station Residents

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On the Campaign Trail with Huntington Town Board Candidate Herb Morrow.
Huntington Town Board Candidate Herb Morrow has been knocking on doors in different neighborhoods throughout the Township of Huntington.  He spent time walking Election District 154 which is a beautiful part of Huntington Station that is characterized by quiet streets, and larger properties.  Election District 154 is the area in School District 3 where the Washington School is located.  It was not a surprise that Herb Morrow was extremely well received by the residents.  One would just need to drive through the community and see the numerous Say No To Avalon Bay signs to realize what the mood of this community is. Avalon Bay, if built, will greatly impact the residents of this area.  The proposed development is planned to be located just North of this section of Town.  One resident explained to Mr. Morrow, “we are very close here, unfortunately much of that closeness came out of having to band together against this current Town Board.”  Another concerned resident expressed, “The traffic as it is, means most of us can’t make a left turn off our blocks, and when Avalon Bay comes in, I can’t even imagine what will happen.”  The general mood in this community was anger at the Town Board for adversely impacting their quality of life. There was a general feeling among residents that the Huntington Station Community and School District 3 are being discriminated against.  Another resident expressed, “there is no doubt in my mind how the residents of this area will vote come November, I only hope the residents of the rest of the Town realize what those two incumbents have been up to”.  Other concerns expressed to Mr. Morrow were the increasing crime problem throughout the Town, high taxes and lack of code enforcement.
Mr. Morrow expressed to the Huntingtonian after meeting and talking with many residents of Election District 154, “this is why I am running for Town Board.  I am tired of watching people be taken advantage of and feeling like their concerns are falling on deaf ears”.     In addressing these residents concerns, Herb Morrow said he wants to end the over development of Huntington as well as prioritizing dealing with crime, code enforcement and controlling wasteful spending.  He sees these as some of the main issues he plans to address.  He also noted that he found it interesting how many residents, regardless of their political affiliation, are signalling for a changing of the guard at Town Hall.  Mr. Morrow will continue his regular walking tour of Huntington so he can meet as many residents as possible and hear directly from them what they are concerned about.
The Huntingtonian would love to walk this same community with Glenda Jackson and Susan Berland to witness the reaction they receive from these same residents.  We will be attempting to arrange it.
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