Open Letter From Jon Cooper

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An Open Letter To Residents Of The 18TH Legislative District
It has been a tremendous honor for me to serve as your County Legislator for the past 12 years.  Regrettably, because of mandatory term limits, I’ll be leaving office at the end of this year. That makes this upcoming election more important than ever to me.

We need somebody to fill my seat who’ll be ready to hit the ground running and lead us during these tough economic times.  That’s why I’m strongly supporting Doctor William Spencer, and I hope you’ll support him too.
His dad was a preacher and a teacher. So growing up, Doc learned public service from his parents.  He was drawn to practice medicine because he wanted to help his mother, who suffered from a painful illness.  It’s that kind of compassion, tempered by his strong moral compass and a unique ability to develop genuine consensus (it must be his bedside manner), that makes Doc the right choice—especially for right now.
Now, when our communities are afflicted with high unemployment and soaring taxes, Doc’s experience as a physician, businessman and community leader is the medicine we need. That’s because he has a prescription for how to bring back jobs, prevent our county healthcare system from crumbling, and make government run more efficiently and effectively.

Unfortunately, instead of offering real answers to our problems, Doc’s opponent is attempting to distort his record and positions.  I don’t know about you, but I’m tired of politicians who play partisan political games.

I’m proud to have received support over the years from people of all political affiliations.  Now is not the time to retreat to party labels when you cast your vote.
Please join me in voting for Doc Spencer on Election Day.  A real leader for these really tough times.
Jon Cooper
Suffolk County Legislator
18th Legislative District
(631) 854-4500
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