Town Hall FOIL Violation – Update

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After a friendly reminder that Town Hall is breaking the law, and a field trip to 100 Main Street, we are beginning to get some of the information we have requested.  The information we asked for and the answers given by Town Hall are as follows:

These were our questions:

How much money was used for the purchase and improvements of 1264 -1268 New York Avenue from the Community Development Block Grant Funds?  What was the total price paid to acquire the property? How many apartments are located in the property?  How many bedrooms are in each apartment?  What agency collects the rent? How much rent has been collected since 2009?

These are the answers:
1) A total of $1,608,782.19 was used to purchase and renovate 1264-1268 New York Avenue.  (Town Hall is still obtaining the information about how much of this money came from the Community Development Block Grant Fund.)

2) The Price to acquire the property was $100,000.

3)  There are two, three-bedroom apartments (note:  since the property was removed from the tax rolls, the Huntington School district does not receive any money to educate students who may live in this dwelling.  Last year, there were 7 children living in these apartments, we did not FOIL the records yet for this year.)

4) The Community Development Agency Collects the rent (CDA)

5) From January 2009 to October 2011, $74,157.60 has been given to the CDA. (None of this money is given to the Huntington School District to offset the cost of educating the children who live there)  The true taxes on this property, if they were being paid are $16,641.70. This is one of many properties that is no longer paying property taxes to the Huntington School District.

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