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In our recent reporting, we have been critical of our local government, especially our current Town Board.  There is a reason for this.  One of the reasons that we started this paper is many of their actions, that we consider outrageous, have gone virtually unreported by most of the mainstream media for far too long.  People are being hurt by the actions of an unjust government, especially those who live around the Jack Abrams School.  We were watching in dismay as things were getting worse and worse.  After aquiring a great deal of information and insight into the situation we began to feel an increasing sense of obligation to report the truth to the community, and so The Huntingtonian was established. 

We maintain that every word we print is true.  Our facts and figures are taken from official documents including those from Suffolk County, New York State, local school districts and information that we read on the Town of Huntington website.  We want our readers to know that after almost 50,000 page views, not one fact or figure that we printed has been challenged as untrue.  We have been told that the Town Board is maintaining hope that you are not paying attention to us.  We believe the exact words used were, “We only hope, they are talking to themselves.”  We are happy to report that our analytics would suggest otherwise. 

Our promise to our readers is that we will report the truth and keep you informed of the actions of our local politicians, whether they be positive or negative, whether they be Democrats, Republicans, Conservatives, Independents or Working Party.  We expect  integrity and good intentions from our elected officials and we will hold them to their words and promises.  We also promise you honesty and good intentions from The Huntingtonian.

We encourage our current Town Board or any other person who feels we misrepresented something to set the record straight by contacting us either publically or privately at  Although everyone makes mistakes sometimes, we are very careful to fact check before we print something, so we are confident that any challenges to what we report, will continue to be non-existent or rare.  

At this point, it is mostly Republicans who have chosen to advertise with us.  We invite all political parties to place an ad on our site, if they so choose to purchase one.  We also encourage local businesses to advertise with us as well.  Anyone wishing to place an ad can contact us at

These past two months have been rewarding because what we have known to be true for so long, is finally making its way into mainstream society.  We look forward to continuing to keep our readers informed for a long time to come.


Ilene Fucci & Nick Wieland
The Huntingtonian Editors

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