Is it Time For Another Update?

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According to this update, ShotSpotter was supposed to be up and running by the end of this summer.  Perhaps if it was, the shooters of  Rahmel Caleb may have been arrested.

Below is a Press Release dated August 9, 2011:

ShotSpotter, Inc. and the Suffolk County Police Department have been working very hard to secure site authorizations and permissions for the buildings and poles where the sensors are to be installed. This phase of the installation is always the most time consuming and, due to the initial delay in negotiating the contract, we are somewhat behind our original timeline.

Here are the figures:

50% of the sensors are scheduled to be installed on buildings. 75% of these are complete and the remaining 25% are in the hands of school districts and the Diocese of Rockville Centre. The Diocese’s permission should be signed any day but the 12 school districts have been a challenge since most Boards of Education meet infrequently during the summer. The SCPD representatives have been meeting with the school districts and they are making slow but steady progress.

The other 50% of the sensors are scheduled to be installed on LIPA poles and this single contract is almost complete. The County is awaiting a confirming memorandum of understanding from ShotSpotter, to be signed by both entities, that the County will be paying the mandatory LIPA fees for use of their poles. We expect this agreement to be finalized any day. Once this MOU is signed, ShotSpotter can begin to install the sensors.

The installation, system set-up and testing should take about three weeks. As a result, the system should be up and running by the end of the summer.  Better late than never!

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