Questions To the 18th Legislative District Candidates

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There are currently many serious problems in the Town of Huntington including crime, a divided community and lack of trust for the local Government.  These problems are extreme in the 18th legislative district.  We currently have a school closed due to violence. That issue is not being addressed.  Since the local Democrats can’t talk about their record, they need to run a campaign based on deflecting and distracting.

By talking about Liz Black raising taxes:

They are implying that the average voter is too stupid to realize that all school districts must either raise taxes or cut teachers and programs.

They are deflecting the fact that they support more high density housing in SD 3, which negatively effects the tax base.

They distract voters from remembering that they have been in charge of the “lack of” code enforcement and have been in charge of managing the HHA.

They are deflecting that due to their discriminatory practices, 80% of the “affordable housing” is mostly packed into one community.

The Huntingtonian is urging Liz Black and her campaign to stop addressing these pathetic allegations and start talking about the issues. 

Our questions to both Elizabeth Black and William Spencer are:

1. What do you think are the biggest challenges around the Jack Abrams community?

2. What has contributed to the problems (as identified by you in question 1)?

3. What are you going to do to increase the safety and quality of life around the Jack Abrams school community?

4. What are the other big issues in the 18th Legislative District and how do you intend to address them?

(Friendly reminder to the William Spencer camp:  In your response to us, please don’t pretend that you feel the community is perfectly safe. We remember that you supported ShotSpotter and bringing in the guardian angels).

No more deflecting, no more fighting.  We have some big problems in the 18th Legislative district and we need to vote in a leader that can help us. 

We look forward to printing both of your answers.

Here is the latest tactic by the Suffolk County Democratic Committee, that we find to be an insult to our intelligence.

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