Closing of Jack Abrams School – Past, Present & Future – Week 6

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After decades of abuse and neglect by all levels of government, the residents got together to demand attention.  In March of 2010, they held a rally in the hopes of being heard.  The message was that they wanted to feel safe and they wanted all levels of government to work together to protect the surrounding community and the children who attended school there.  Frank Petrone and Mark Cuthbertson did not attend.  Susan Berland and Glenda Jackson showed up with a written statement.  Mark Mayoka, who was in office for less than three months at the time, attended as well.  The pleas went unheard and after numerous rallies, countless meetings, and stall tactics by Town Hall, the school was closed several months after this rally.

This rally exposed what was really happening in Huntington Station.  It was the first of many public efforts to find solutions.  By the time this rally took place, the residents were already outraged by the lack of support and injustice.

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