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October 18, 2011
Letter to the Editor:

The New York State Democratic Committee continues their daily mailers to try to convince me that my school taxes are going up because of one person, Huntington School Board member Liz Black.
I am told the “solution” is to elect their candidate Democrat William Spencer to represent me in the Suffolk County Legislature.

So let me get this straight, the NY state teachers’ union best friend, the Democratic Committee, thinks my school taxes will be lower if I vote for their candidate, Mr. Spencer?  I serve on the School Board with Ms. Black, she didn’t raise my school taxes.  Mr. Spencer ought to know our school budget was approved not by Liz Black, or the School Board, but overwhelming by our residents directly in our annual school budget vote last May 19th, 2.318 to 1,139.

In these tremendously difficult economic times why did our budget pass by a 2-1 margin?  One of the reasons surely was because the Huntington School Board again put up a budget with one of the lowest spending increases (+.23%) on Long Island.  In fact, the reason there was any increase is directly attributable to the NY State Democrat Committee‘s fight against reforming unfunded mandates such as soaring pension costs that are simply not sustainable. 

Mr. Spencer and the State Democrats know without a reduction in the cost of fringe benefits and other mandates, they are really advocating for a cut in the basic educational programs for our kids. Although our residents made it clear they would pay a bit more to maintain their educational programs, Spencer and the Democratic committee now know better?

If Mr. Spencer and the State Democrats want to take shots at Ms. Black and the School Board, let them suggest how they would pay for their union benefits. What would they cut? Special Ed, Advanced Placement courses, electives, arts, sports, clubs or marching band?  Instead of trying to pit our kids’ educations versus maintaining their union benefits, wouldn’t we all be better off working together to find common ground during these tough economic times? 


Richard McGrath

11 Walnut Place

Huntington, NY 11743

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One Response to Letter To The Editor From Rich McGrath

  1. I also love how the latest mailer characterizes Liz Black as a “professional politican.” How is a volunteer position on the BOE qualify? What about Spencer’s service on the HHA? Run against your oponent’s real record, point to real accomplishments if you want my vote. Not spurious ‘facts’ and characerizations.

    October 20, 2011 1:44 pm at 1:44 pm

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