Town Sued by Citizens.

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Greater Huntington Civic Group
223 Wall Street, Suite 407
Huntington, NY 11746

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Thursday, October 20, 2011

Lawsuit Points to Illegal Spot Zoning and Environmental Impact As Key Violations

Greater Huntington Civic Group Inc. President Steven Spucces announced
today that the five members of the Huntington Town Board, along with
Avalon Bay Communities Inc. and Evergreen Estates have been named in
a lawsuit brought forth by the Greater Huntington Civic Group, Inc.
The lawsuit is aimed at reversing the spot down-zoning that was
approved by the Town Board on June 6, 2011. The Town Board originally
denied the application for the illegal spot zoning Avalon Bay was
seeking September 21, 2010. The down-zoning allows Avalon Bay
Communities Inc. to develop the 26.6-acre property located on 5th and
Park Avenue in Huntington Station.

The Greater Huntington Civic Group, Inc. asserts that the illegal spot
zoning approved by the Town Board is inconsistent with the “Horizons
2020” comprehensive plan commissioned by the Town and adopted on
December 2008. At 14.5 units per acre, the approved zone change
granted by the Town Board for the proposed Avalon Bay project far
exceeds the density of the surrounding community. The property was
originally zoned for 109 single-family homes. Under the new approved
zoning, 379 units could be built, 80% of which are slated to be

“There is absolutely no public benefit to change our zoning laws
which would allow a 379-unit development in the middle of Huntington
Station. Without a doubt, there will be an adverse and irrevocable
impact to our schools, drinking water, sewer systems, and a dangerous
increase to traffic given the location of our Hospital on Park
Avenue.” said Steven Spucces, president of Greater Huntington Civic
Group, Inc… “It would set a precedent to future high density
developments in the entire Township of Huntington”.

“It’s time for the Town to focus on preserving the quality of life
that drew many of us to Huntington in the first place: well-maintained
homes in safe neighborhoods and a respect for a Town’s history and
diverse cultures. The time to stop the slippery slope of
over-development is now. Otherwise, the Township as we know it will be
gone forever.”

Information on the Greater Huntington Civic Group can be found on
their website at

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