Letter from HUFSD to the ZBA

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This letter is posted to coincide with the recently posted  The Birth of “Dr. Density” etc.

January 7, 2011

Christopher Modelewski

Huntington Zoning Board of Appeals

100 Main St

Huntington, NY 11743

Dear Mr. Modelewski:

On behalf of the Board of Education of Huntington, I write to express our opposition to granting any zoning variances to accommodate the Huntington Housing Authority’s (HHA) proposed high density residential housing at the corner of Lowndes and New York Avenues (Route 110). With all that has occurred over the past year we were disappointed that we learned of the project only through a small legal notice in the local paper, with no outreach from the Town to us. The Board is unanimous in it’s support of this opinion and enjoys the support of the Huntington Station community as well.

In previous conversations with Supervisor Petrone and Councilman Cuthbertson regarding AvalonBay, when I suggested that the town drop the Transit Oriented Zoning District and simply grant a variance for the proposed parcel, I was told by them that would be considered spot zoning, which is illegal. The proposed development on Lowndes Avenue has a far greater housing density than AvalonBay requested, so granting a variance would also be spot zoning and would most surely be challenged legally.

It is our strong desire to spare our Board, yourself, the Town, and the Zoning Board of Appeals the public fight that is shaping up and instead to work collaboratively as partners to truly revitalize the area. We respectfully request you postpone the January 27th Public Hearing until we can meet with the Town and the HHA to express our concerns.


Bill Dwyer

President, Board of Education

CC: Frank Petrone, Dr. William Spencer

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