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Reverend Jerry Artis is the Pastor of Love of Christ Fellowship Church


Vision For A New Day

I thank all who’ve made it possible to share my vision.  It is my sincerest hope and prayer that you will share in this vision with me, and come together to meet the challenges of today and tomorrow, with all we’ve learned from yesterday.

In the word of God, most visions were prophetic in nature, and consisted of earthly symbols and events, revealing divine interventions, applicable to relevant circumstances.

However, the vision I want to share is a goal oriented vision, necessary due to current realities, that must be addressed with a fresh perspective, on obtaining goals which have eluded us, thus necessitating a fundamental change in the way we work to solve our problems.

First, we must acknowledge that we never totally agree, however, there is a large area of fertile common ground, and when we come together to work this ground, watered with love, respect, and determination, and pull out the weeds of doubt, racial and social divisions, we shall enjoy a bountiful harvest of progress, hope and healing.

My vision is like a picture painted on a canvas of unity and pride in our community, from babies to elders, from poorest to richest.  The pride of this painting changes dilapidation into clean, beautiful, habitation, with the brushstroke of true code enforcement.

My vision is a secret wish of brotherhood, transported to reality upon the wings of determination, and an iron clad will to provide peace and safety for all.

Finally, my vision sow seeds of education, elevation, and expectation, in the fertile minds of our children, by good parenting, a great board of education, an involved and strong town board, teachers, administrators and staff, meeting today’s academic challenges.  A dependable, courteous, and professional police department, everyone working together to reap a glorious harvest of “community spirit”.  Spirit that will entice gang members to want to belong to something bigger, something better, than the dead end of drugs, violence and vice.

Some may call my vision the impossible dream, to you I extend the challenge to come together and communicate. I believe our visions are interwoven with the common fabric of our humanity, and with God, all things are possible.


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  1. Thank you Rev. Artis, you make the world a far more beautiful place to live.

    November 4, 2011 8:22 pm at 8:22 pm

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