Par For The Course or Slander and Lies?

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Many mailings were sent out against Elizabeth Black by William Spencer’s Campaign.  All are misleading in some way.  The reference to headache’s was a quote that is attributed to another Huntington BOE member, and has nothing to do with Elizabeth Black.  To depict a woman popping out of cupcakes and making reference to sucking is tasteless at best, sexist and mean spirited at worst.  Spencers campaign has turned into an endless money pit of distaste and misleading statements.  We find it unfair and unacceptable that BOE members seem to be under attack during this political campaign.  It is especially difficult to serve on a BOE especially during these difficult economic times.  One would be hard pressed to find a more challenging, more thankless volunteer position than serving as a school board trustee.  We are sorry that William Spencer’s campaign have spent more that $100,000 to bash these hard working volunteers.  We are curious to hear from our readers.  Do you find these mailings offensive.  If so, which of these mailings do you find the most offensive and why?

Here is a pdf file of what we have seen so far.

This file is big so please be patient, thanks!

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