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Are the Democrats reverting back to their old ways by smearing Town Board candidates or is it business as usual?  It seems so with the recent mailing accusing Herb Morrow of spending Village of Huntington Bay funds on a bar tab.  Mr. Morrow provided his explanation which had nothing to do with what was suggested in the Democrat funded smear piece.  In fact, his Village Trustees sent a letter to the Long Islander accusing them of dirty tricks.  And the Huntingtonian uncovered actual expenses submitted by Ms. Berland for mileage reimbursement which we feel are quite out of line and deserved far more scrutiny.
Wasn’t it back in 2002 when the Democrats did the same thing to then candidate Bronwyn Black-Kelly?  They were hauled into court for their damaging and misleading statements.  Too bad voters did not know before they cast their vote as Ms. Berland went on to win the election that year.  Let’s hope the residents of Huntington recognize the dirty tricks the Democrats continue to play.  From Spencer’s tasteless attack on Liz Black, D’Amaro and Stern attacking Dennis Garetano and Deborah Poulos, it was only a matter of time before Herb Morrow became a target. 

In the meantime, we have a town filled with slumlords, a greater concern for hydrants and graffiti instead of code enforcement and fighting crime, reckless and wasteful spending, and a debt-burden clouding our future.  In summary, we’re drowning!  And all Democrats want to do is play games and insult our intelligence. If you are a registered Democrat, ask yourself this question – where is my party and how did it descend to this level?  What kind of message are you sending when you don’t demand accountability? 

Residents are in desperate need for leadership and the incumbents and their party apparatus have no understanding of what is truly needed.  I’m confident Huntington voters will not fall for the same tricks on November 8th.

Jim Martin
Huntington Resident

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