Democrats Maintain Majority on Town Board and Election Results

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The Democrats have been able to maintain their majority on the Huntington Town Board. Susan Berland (D, WF, I) came in second after Gene Cook (R, C, I). Glenda Jackson (D, WF) finished fourth. Herb Morrow (R, C) finished third. The candidates with the top two number of votes win a seat on the board. Members of the Town Board serve for four years. Gene Cook will join Mark Mayoka (R, C), as the second republican on the Town Board in January 2012. Susan Berland will rejoin Frank Petrone (D, WF) and Mark Cuthbertson (D, WF) and the democrats will have a 3-2 majority.

The vote count will not be official until it is certified by the Suffolk County Board of Elections.

Susan Berland was elected to the Town Board on November 6, 2001 and took office on December 1. She filled the unexpired term of Steve Israel who was elected to Congress.

Councilwoman Glenda A. Jackson was appointed to the Huntington Town Board in February of 2006 to fill the vacant seat of Marlene Budd.  She was then elected in November of that year to serve out the balance of the term. She was then reelected in 2007 to serve a full four year term.

The results as they stand now are below

Time 8am 11/09/2011
EDs out of 178 178

Tax Receiver

Bivona 23172
Conte 11396

Council (Elect 2)

Cook 18794
Berland 18358
Morrow 16683
Jackson 15668

County Executive

Bellone 130607
Carpenter 100179


16th LD

Stern 7126
Poulos 5945

17th LD

D’Amaro 6472
Garetano 5094

18th LD

Spencer 7885
Black 7706


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