Message From Herb Morrow

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Dear Friends,
I want to thank all of you for your help and support during this election. While I’m disappointed about the results  I have no regrets about running. I met many great people in our Town and made many new friends. Most importantly, the issues I spoke about came from all of you. We should all continue to speak about the need to reduce the size of Town government, the need for a community effort to fight crime, gangs and drugs, the need to stop the insane over development of Huntington and the need to have our Town elected officials treat all of us with respect. You should continue to raise your voices for those issues. You should shout out hypocrisy when you see it. You should all work to make this Town everything it can be for those who live here, not for those who would use us for power and money.I am also happy that we ran a campaign that was honorable and that integrity was not compromised for a single vote. Unfortunately, this was not the case with one of my opponents. At the end of the day we are judged by our words and actions -insights into our soul – especially when spoken about another person.Elections celebrate our freedom. This one is over. I promise to continue to be a voice for what is right, for a higher standard in our political discourse and for the hopes and aspirations of the people  in this great Town.Thank you,

Herb Morrow
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