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Please be careful when listening to this audio as there is language that is not fit for children to hear. We have left the recording as is so you can hear exactly what was said.

Here is the audio (click the arrow to the right of the speaker icon):
Voice Message About FOIL Request

Here is the original article

Here is the transcript:

AJ Carter: Nick AJ Carter can you call me please at 351-3349 I want to talk about your foil on the many rental properties and how we can respond to it. again, 351-3349.

Bob Fonti: Is that, Nick Wieland?

AJ Carter: The Huntingtonian..

Janet Rinker: Oh my god you see that friggin thing ……

Bob Fonti: What’s he want? I don’t even bother giving social media any (?). Its so full of shit in its right wing bullshit.

AJ Carter: I mean, If you look at the website the only advertising on the site is from republican candidates.

Bob Fonti:  No, no Mark Mayoka came to me a year ago and a said would you take advertising out on the thehuntingtonian. I said I never heard of it.

AJ Carter: It didn’t exist a year ago.

Janet Rinker: I was going to say, it didn’t exist.

AJ Carter: it did not exist a year ago.

Bob Fonti: Well whatever, he asked me to underwrite, he says can you help me with that?  I said listen Mark, I would think about it. I said what the hell is, not realizing I would be financing for people to shoot bullets back at me.

AJ Carter: The Huntingtonian has bad stuff about DR spencer.

Bob Fonti: I know that, I know that listen

AJ Carter: There are 2 things. Thing one is Frank wants me to responed to get the FOILs done right away now, not take our maxium time. But ahh you know they (sigh), It’s not News stuff whatever you give them they they they spin and put other stuff on and don’t take facts. and er but,I think, I hope that basically they’re talking to themselves.

Bob Fonti: No there not what they’re doing is..

AJ Carter: It’s that same group of

Bob Fonti: It is and it isn’t..

They have a strategic campaign right now (?) against Doc. and what they’re doing they go onto the blogs first with Doc High density, doc the whole bullshit. Then what they do is they send in the FOIL request. They sent in another one recently about us, Jo-ann Raia has it but this is just additional ones.

Nick, Nick Fu whatever his name is, Nick Wieland will repeat it to the Republican and it gets back to me obviously. Wait until we got something we have planned for Doc, wait until next week, were gonna really fuck em. I says ok, they have a right to do that obviously, so I find out what it is and we I start neutralizing it before it even becomes an issue. They go on their social media stuff, its 4 people going back and forth.

AJ Carter: and and Jennifer LaVertu under 7 different names did you know that?

Bob Fonti: I know that, I know
Jon Cooper’s got 15 names if you really want to know. Just so you know, it is he told me that, he says I got a lot of alias’ Last night he says to me my letter’s on Village Tattler will you please have Docs Spencers campaign respond to it. So I said what for? and he says you know well because you guys are getting beat up, why can’t you respond to it. because It is a republican mind set and if it made sense wouldn’t mind but I’m not going to feed into it, no matter if you give information then they shoot it back to you but then you know no good deed goes unpunished.

Bob Fonti: But with him, what did he ask for in terms of the houses because Matt Harris has a list of 70 Don Pius houses,

AJ Carter: Well its 87

Janet Rinker: It’s 90
(Unknown voice) It’s 92 or 94

AJ Carter: There’s the list, right there on the chair
(Another voice) They want that list?

AJ Carter: Well they have it. What they want to know, the FOIL request is can we verify that the rental registration fee has been paid on these properties.

Bob Fonti: Yeah they are, there all paid

AJ Carter: No, well there are two or three

Bob Fonti: Really?

Janet Rinker: I talked to (?) he doesn’t have anymore

AJ Carter: One of them is his business address,

Janet Rinker: Yeah

AJ Carter: 794 Fort Salonga Road

Bob Fonti: I don’t understand

AJ Carter: They gave us address

Janet Rinker: They gave us addresses that we keep our records by address. They asked for a list, we said we don’t keep a list, so we said we don’t keep it. They gave us a list that looks like every Pius property. 95% of em have a rental registration up to date and paid, where as a handful of them 6 to 8 of them that he had in the past and doesn’t have em anymore, whether he sold them, or why he doesn’t have them…

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