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To all my supporters,

I want to take this opportunity to thank you for joining my efforts to serve you as Commissioner of the Huntington Manor Fire Dept. Unfortunately, we were unsuccessful this time, but we should be very proud of our efforts and results. People who have never voted in a Fire District election came out and participated.  This new civic engagement can be attributed to the hard work of volunteers in our community.  Thank you.

 At the same time, it is disappointing that only 973 of the 26,276 registered voters in the district participated in this very important election. This is an incredible community of engaged people, but smaller elections still fail to achieve tremendous civic participation.  This is something we should all work to change as these elections impact the quality of services you receive.  While not elected at this time, please know that I’m still committed to helping the Huntington Manor Fire District provide the very best service to the citizens of Huntington and plan to support our newly elected Commissioner, Mr. Spatafora in reaching this goal. Thanks again to the many people who believed and gave selflessly to our campaign.  I look forward to partnering with you in the community.


 Bedel Saget

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