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 As we welcome 2012 with open arms, there is no better time to take on new ventures or try something new. The Huntington Chamber’s many committees can provide that opportunity while helping make your business stronger.

 “Joining a Chamber committee is a great way to make new contacts, conduct business, and become part of a respected group of business professionals,” said Chamber Chairman Robert Bontempi. “Our committees provide our members with a platform for personal development, community stewardship, business networking, and potential strategic alliances. I encourage our members who have not taken on a leadership within the organization in the past to consider doing so by joining one or more of our committees in 2012.”

 Huntington Chamber committees include:

 Education Committee which is committed to providing valuable programs for its membership and to provide workshops and seminars critical to small business owners as well as corporate leaders. These worthwhile programs are filled with the newest information that both employers and employees can utilize and benefit from in the workplace. 

Environmental Committee which was created to define, educate and promote sustainable, green initiatives for Chamber members in an effort to assist them in continually improving business processes to help in protecting the environment.

Government Relations Committee which reviews current issues to assess their impact on local business, employment and the economy. The Committee assists in educating its membership on both sides of a particular issue so that they may make informed decisions. The Committee does not involve the endorsement of incumbents, candidates, or those contemplating public office.

Long Island Fall Festival Committee which was designed to support the successful running of the annual Long Island Fall Festival. The Committee focuses on attracting new and unique vendors, assisting with logistics such as traffic control and ticket sales, obtaining volunteers and new exciting events to make the Fall Festival a success.

Membership Committee which nurtures the connection, interaction and involvement of new and existing business and individual members with the leadership, committees and programs of the Huntington Township Chamber of Commerce. It serves as the welcoming committee of the Chamber and acts as the membership ambassadors to add the personal touch in keeping our members apprised of events and encourage participation.

Small Business Advisory Committee which provides free confidential counseling to those who wish to discuss business opportunities or seek advice with issues that may arise while growing their business. Starting a small business is risky and although you may have the desire, be a highly motivated and a talented person, having the access to knowledge of what is required is what will make you a success.

Young Professionals Committee which brings together young influential people from business, non-profits and government offices to share their experiences, utilize each other’s resources, generate business, work with Chamber members and build their careers.

Veterans Committee which serves as a resource for the military members of our Armed Forces, as well as support for their families through local civic, business and volunteer organizations. The committee acts as a liaison between organizations in providing support for a veteran’s transition from military to civilian life when the soldier returns home.

Village Merchants Committee which offers an opportunity for local merchants to discuss topics specific to their business within the Township of Huntington by utilizing the resources of the Chamber. These resources include events, local government policy and working together to increase business for all. 

Women in Business Committee which provides information, support and resources in an effort to assist women in continually improving business processes and to help their personal and professional growth. The Committee provides networking and seminars on topics about issues and challenges that women face in today’s society.

For more information on Chamber committees, visit or call 631-423-6100.

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