Huntington District Eyes Technology Replacement Plan

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 As time and technology moves forward, the Huntington School District doesn’t want to be left behind. So, district officials are considering a four year plan to replace desktop computers and printers in every school buildings and the administrative complex.

The multi-year plan has been circulated among central office administrators and presented to Huntington School Board members. No final decisions have been reached. If the district moves forward with the initiative, it intends to fund the program through regular budget appropriations, not via a bond issue.

“It is financially and instructionally critical that an investment be made annually to replace obsolete units,” Superintendent James W. Polansky said. Officials stress the plan is not final and is still under discussion.

Assistant Superintendent David H. Grackin held a series of discussions with district computer technicians and Rae Montesano, chairperson of science and instructional technology, 7-12 during the process of formulating the replacement plan.

Depending upon how the plan to purchase or lease the equipment is structured, the district could be eligible for state aid on the initiative, which would ultimately reduce the net cost.

The district is considering moving forward based on the following schedule:

Year 1: Replacement 430 computers and 150 printers at all four primary buildings and the Woodhull School computer lab.

Year 2: Replacement of 197 computers and 87 printers at J. Taylor Finley Middle School and where needed for district purposes at Jack Abrams School.

Year 3: Replacement of 464 computers and 198 printers in classrooms at Woodhull School and Huntington High School and the Finley computer labs.

Year 4: Replacement of 258 administrative and office computers across the district and network switches.

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